Best Stump Grinders in 2024

Best Stump Grinders in 2024


For homeowners who have larger properties with wooded areas and need to remove a few stumps a year, owning a stump grinder can be more cost-effective than paying for stump removal services. Stump grinders typically use 14 horsepower engines to grind stumps up to 20 inches high and 12 inches deep into the ground. This guide will provide an overview of what to consider when buying a stump grinder and review some of the best options available.

Buying Guides

Hose Power

The performance of a stump grinder is primarily measured by its horsepower, which determines how efficiently it can grind stumps, logs, and roots. Standard rotary stump grinders typically have horsepower ranging from 2 HP for small gardening purposes to 15 HP or more for commercial use in yards.

Typically, higher horsepower allows the grinder to work faster and more efficiently. However, higher horsepower also means higher costs, so it is essential to consider your needs and choose a machine that suits them best.

Size of Cutter Disk

When selecting a stump grinder, it is crucial to consider the size of the cutter disk. It is important to determine the average size of stumps you will be removing and whether your machine can handle larger disks.

Standard stump grinders typically come with disks measuring between 5-10 inches in diameter, making them suitable for smaller stumps. However, if you plan to remove larger stumps, it may be necessary to invest in a larger disk grinder that can accommodate disks up to 16 inches or more in diameter, allowing for the processing of larger tree stumps.

Wheel Size

One option is to choose stump grinders with large pneumatic tires, which provide excellent ground clearance and traction, even on uneven terrain. Alternatively, a tracked stump grinder may be chosen as it can pass over soft surfaces without causing harm. Tracked stump grinders are also generally more durable and can handle rougher terrain.


Stump grinders are available in various models, ranging from compact residential cutters to commercial ones, catering to different needs. The Power King and Kohler Grinders are popular models for residential, home, and semi-commercial purposes, while the higher-priced alternatives are typically used for large-scale projects such as forestry or clearing new grounds.

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