Best Shrub Shears

Best Shrub Shears


This article is a buying guide for hedge shears, an essential tool for gardeners and landscapers. The guide highlights the importance of choosing the right hedge shears based on factors such as weight, size, maintenance, and ease of use. The article provides information on how to choose the best hedge shears, including recommendations on the top-rated models for 2024, and was compiled using various sources to provide a comprehensive guide for readers.

Buying Guides

Considerations for Size and Weight

When choosing a hedge trimmer, it’s important to consider the tool’s weight since heavy trimming can be repetitive and involve reaching above shoulder height. Using a heavy tool can quickly tire you out, and you may need telescopic handles for optimal performance. Hedge shears made from lighter materials like fiberglass and aluminum are available, while those made from wood and steel tend to be heavier.

Pattern of Cutting

Geared technology can make it easier to cut larger branches with less effort, making it a useful feature to consider. However, if you regularly shear your shrubs, you may not need additional power.

Utilization Ease

Consider features that make a hedge shear easier to use, such as shock-absorbing bumpers and cushioned handle grips, when purchasing one. These features can help reduce arm strain while in use. Additionally, before purchasing, check the tool’s action, as some may require more effort to open and close than others, while others may have a scissor-like action for more precise cutting.

Spare Parts Availability

As with pruners, it is critical to select a hedge shear from a brand that offers replacement parts. Sharpening and cleaning your tool on a regular basis can extend its life, and having access to replacement parts can save you money in the long run.


To effectively maintain large hedges, it is important to invest in a premium quality gardening tool that guarantees ease of use and safety. As a buyer, conducting thorough research is essential to ensure you get the right tool. Hedge shears have the potential to last a long time depending on how they are used, and the devices listed in our guide are all reliable options. After considering the factors to look out for in high-quality hedge shears, check out this video by Fiskars Europe for proper usage instructions.

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