Best Honey Extractors

Best Honey Extractors


Honey extractors use centrifugal force to extract honey from honeycombs in a drum or container with frame baskets. This preserves the combs for reuse by the bees to make more honey. There are two types of extractors: radial and tangential, and they can be powered manually or electrically. Honey extraction is one of the final steps in beekeeping and offers numerous benefits. Check this article for the best honey extractors you should add to your shopping list in 2024.


1. VINGLI Upgraded 4 Frame Honey Extractor

The Vingli Upgraded 4 Frame Honey Extractor is a stainless steel manual crank extractor that has a cranking mechanism and gearing installed at the top to prevent the contamination of the honey. The extractor has three adjustable legs, a honey valve, and a silver color. It is suitable for both small and large beekeeping operations. The legs can adjust the height of the extractor from 40.6 inches to 47.3 inches.

2. Goplus 2 Frame Honey Extractor

The Goplus 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor is a budget-friendly option for hobbyist beekeepers, with clear lids for easy monitoring of the extraction process. While it may not be suitable for professional beekeepers, it is built to last and can grow with your business. However, it does not come with assembly or maintenance instructions.

3. Little Giant Stainless Steel 2-Frame Extractor

The Little Giant Farm & Ag Stainless Steel Honey Extractor is recommended for experienced beekeepers due to its efficient performance and sturdy build. It features a clear plexiglass lid for progress monitoring and is highly durable. However, beginners may find it difficult to use without instructions, and there may be some paint chipping that requires an inspection before use.

4. Harvest Lane Honey 2Frame Metal Extractor

The Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Extractor is a useful tool for honey extraction and is made of food-grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean. It can hold up to two frames and has three legs for easy setup. Its hand crank is fast and the enclosed gears prevent contamination of the honey. This extractor is ideal for deep, medium, and shallow frames and is both durable and affordable.

5. Hardin Professional 3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor

The Hardin Professional 3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor is a great value for the price. It is made of durable 16 gauge stainless steel and has a clear top for monitoring the process. The extractor also features optional stands or legs, and steel gear construction with sealed bearings. Additionally, the product comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you’re not satisfied, you can return it. Overall, this extractor is highly recommended for beekeepers.


To make the right purchase, it is important to carefully evaluate the features of different honey extractors and compare various brands before making a decision. Fortunately, any of the top honey extractors discussed earlier in this article would be a great choice. These extractors are built to last and perform effectively. Select the one that fits your budget and meets your specific requirements, whether it is a tangential or radial extractor, and whether it is manual or electric.

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