Best Hedge Trimmers

Best Hedge Trimmers


Keeping your hedges trimmed is crucial to maintaining a neat and tidy yard. There are various tools available for hedge trimming, including gas-powered, corded electric, and cordless options. While gas-powered hedge trimmers were once popular among professionals, cordless battery-powered trimmers are becoming increasingly popular due to their effectiveness and ease of use. When shopping for a hedge trimmer, consider factors such as weight and blade length. Have a look at this article to find yourself the best hedge trimmers.

Top Picks

1. Greenworks 4 Amp 22″ Corded Electric Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer

The Greenworks corded electric hedge trimmer is an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers who need a tool for light-duty hedge trimming on smaller properties. It’s lightweight and has front and back handles that provide a good grip. While its cutting diameter is only 5/8 inch, this hedge trimmer is powerful enough to cleanly slice through shrubs and brambles. The only limitation is its cord, so you’ll need a long extension cord to reach the far end of your yard. This trimmer is very affordable and comes with a four-year warranty.

2. Echo 20 in. 21.2 cc Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Hedge Trimmer

While battery-powered hedge trimmers are becoming more popular, gas-powered tools remain a preferred option for many professional gardeners and homeowners. The Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is a great choice due to its low weight of 10 pounds and 21.2 cc, two-stroke engine designed for commercial use. Its 20-inch double-sided blade cuts both ways for faster trimming and has tip and blade guards for safety. The tool is also easier to manage with two large ergonomic grip handles. Improved filtration reduces fumes and improves engine life, and the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty for professionals and a five-year warranty for homeowners.

3. Ryobi P2660 18V Lithium+ Hedge Trimmer- 22″

The Ryobi 18V trimmer is a good choice for keeping shrubbery in small to medium-sized yards well-groomed. Its 1.5 Ah battery provides a runtime of 35 minutes, which is enough for regular hedge maintenance, but a stronger battery or a second battery can be purchased to extend the runtime. This trimmer is also compatible with Ryobi’s 2 Ah and 4 Ah batteries. The trimmer is relatively compact and lightweight, making it easy to control, and it has two comfortable handles. The ‘HedgeSweep’ feature brushes the clippings off the hedge while trimming, and the blade cover fits tightly and securely but needs some effort to take off.

4. KT Kobalt 4-Amp 26-in Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

The Kobalt 4-amp corded electric hedge trimmer is a good choice for lighter-duty hedge trimming in a residential yard, with its durable carbon steel blade, unlimited power supply, and affordable price. Its 26-inch blade length and lightweight design make it easy to use, while the rotating rear handle allows for comfortable handling. The trimmer also comes with a five-year limited warranty and a blade cover.


The best hedge trimmer for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. For budget-conscious shoppers with smaller yards, the Greenworks corded electric hedge trimmer is a great option. If you’re looking for a gas-powered trimmer, the Echo gas hedge trimmer is a reliable choice with a lightweight design and powerful engine. 

The Ryobi 18V trimmer is a good pick for those with small- to medium-sized yards and the need for a cordless option. Finally, the Kobalt 4-amp electric hedge trimmer is a cost-effective solution with a long and strong blade for larger widths. Regardless of which hedge trimmer you choose, make sure to prioritize safety and proper usage to ensure a well-manicured and healthy garden.

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